In the last decade, natural disasters occurring in human populated areas have increased in both frequency and intensity. These events often damage vital infrastructure, including drinkable water delivery systems, utility services and access to critical medical care a nd equipment. There is an urgent need to deploy life saving water in areas stricken by such disasters.


Post-disaster problems of water include:

  • Reduced volume
  • Contamination of existing water sources
  • Non-availability of system due to shut-off or damage
  • Water borne diseases
  • Zoonotic diseases from dead or infected animals

Green and Sustainable's Emergency Water Relief Project aims to  provide CLEAN WATER relief to post-disaster populations.

Storms and Superstorms

In the U.S. alone, hurricanes and tornadoes have had devastating effects on infrastructure, creating an urgent need for emergency relief for hundreds of thousands of people. Providing water, food and shelter becomes a priority as the displaced seek aid and await  next steps.

Grid Failure

Local, regional and catastrophic grid failures are increasing as natural disasters, demand, surges, even solar-electric magnetic pulses cause problems for electrically operated water pumping and diverting systems. In many cases, backup systems fall short in restoring full water delivery.


During earthquakes, geologic shifts can damage or sever water delivery pipes, wells, dams, reservoirs and water system equipment. Intrusion of disaster debris in  spills or with non-potable waters can contaminate existing drinking water sources.


Flash floods, torrential downpours and levee failures result in large scale flooding and evacuations. Emergency clean water sources can be contaminated and often become vectors for disease such as cholera and dysentery. Ground water and surface water cannot be utilized, often for weeks after flood waters subside.


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